Lior Abramson

Post-Doctoral Scientist

Lior Abramson received her BA in psychology and cognitive sciences, MA in clinical neuropsychology, and Ph.D. in developmental psychology, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her research has focused on the development of individual differences in empathy from infancy to adulthood and on the contribution of temperamental, genetic, and environmental factors to empathy and prosocial behavior. Other research projects of her include the development of children’s values and prosocial motivations, and the processing of children and adults’ complex empathic emotions- a project which has been awarded funding from the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Student and Early Career Council (SECC). In the DAN Lab, Lior will investigate the mechanisms through which attachment schemas relate to children and adolescents’ emotional learning, and how early adversity experiences shape these mechanisms. This intended project has awarded her scholarships from the Haruv Institute for the research of child maltreatment and the Rothschild Fellowship for excellent postdoctoral research scholars. By using behavioral and neuroscientific methods, Lior aspires to help progress the developmental science of interpersonal relationships, thus promoting individuals’ personal (and interpersonal) wellbeing.