Rena Ferrara, NYU Child Study Center


Daniela Gricelda Juarez, Lab Manager, Dr. Jonas Miller, University of Connecticut


Camila Vicioso, MD Student, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai


Elyse Ganss, PhD Student, Counseling Psychology, Lehigh University


Claire O'Leary, Lab Manager, Montefiore Child Outpatient Psychiatry Division Anxiety and Mood Program; Clinical Coordinator, Yale Psychology Department Clinic


Chelsea Harmon, Research Scientist, Opti-Harvest, Inc.


Paul Bloom, Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Translational Research on Affective Disorders and Suicide Lab, New York State Psychiatric Institute (NYSPI)


Charlotte Heleniak, Research Scientist, Neurocognition, Early Experience, and Development (NEED) Lab, Teachers College


Amaesha Durazi, PhD Student, Human Development & Psychology, UCLA Education Department


Syntia Hadis, PhD Student, Cognitive Science in Education, Teachers College Psychology Department


Milton Yoon, Human Development & Family Studies PhD Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Liora Steinberg, Clinical Psych PhD Student, Montclaire State University


Maitri Jain, Clinical Psych PhD Student, Eastern Michigan University


Lea Beresford, Clinical Psych PsyD Student, Yeshiva University


Ariel Liana Katz, PhD Student, Yeshiva University


Nathan Martin, PsyD Student, Stanford University


Eleanor Hansen, Postbaccalaureate Researcher, National Institute of Health


John Kerwin, Assistant Director of Academic Appointments, Columbia University


Sapna Karina Patel, Research Assistant, Generation Next! Fertility Clinic


Nandhini Natrajan, Doctoral Student, Center of Excellence for Music, Mind, Body, and Brain at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland


Sophie Pan, Barnard Summer Research Institute, NEED Lab


Anshita Singh, Doctoral Student, University of Virginia


Nicolas Camacho, Doctoral Student, Duke University


Ian Douglas, Doctoral Student, University of Texas at Austin


Michael Lincoln, Doctoral Student, Colorado State University


Bridget Callaghan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, UCLA


Tricia Choy, Doctoral Student, UC Riverside


Rebecca Umbach, Ph.D., User Research - Trust & Safety, Google


Laurel Gabard-Durnam, Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Researcher with Charles Nelson and Takao Hensch at Harvard University and Boston Children's Hospital


Bonnie Goff, Ph.D., Lecturer, UCLA


Jennifer Silvers, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, UCLA


Dominic Fareri, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Adelphi University


Dylan Gee, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Yale University


Kathryn Humphreys, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University


Yuan Hang Li (Luke), Ph.D., Google


Eva Telzer, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina


Christina Caldera, Lab Manager, UCLA


Daniel Lumian, Doctoral Student, University of Denver


Jenny Louie, Ph.D., Child Mind Institute


Jessica Flannery, Doctoral Student, University of Oregon


Angela J. Johnson, Outpatient Clinical Psychologist and Psychological Assessor, WestCoast Children's Clinic


Mor Shapiro, M.D., Kaiser Permanente


Aviva Olsavsky, M.D., Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Denver


Kaitlin O'Sullivan, Medical Student, Georgetown Medical School


Scott Goldstein, Medical Student, American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine


Lauren Ahlquist, Doctoral Student, Fuller Graduate School of Psychology


Adam Benzekri, M.S., M.PH, Assistant Research Scientist, NYU Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health


Laura Alba, Doctoral Student, University of California at Riverside


Laura MacMullin, Doctoral Student, University of Toronto


Michelle Leon, Doctoral Student, Fordham University


Subbi Madhavan, M.A., Lab Manager at Temple University


Ali Cina, Medical Student


Lana Khamash, Research Coordinator, Columbia University Department of Psychiatry


Amanda Gecht, M.A., Social Work Intern - Inpatient Pediatrics/Pediatric ICU, NYC Health + Hospitals


Marta Korom, Doctoral Student, University of Delaware


Jessica Idumonyi, Project Coordinator at Columbia University Medical Center


Margot Barclay, Doctoral Student, University of California at Los Angeles


Kyungna Park, Clinical Research Assistant, Asan Medical Center


Roxanna Flores, Doctoral Student, Loyola University Chicago


Christina Wusinich, Research Fellow, National Institute of Mental Health


Felicia Hardi, Doctoral Student, University of Michigan


Pazia Miller, MSEd, Clinical Research Coordinator, NARC Lab, Icahn School of Medicine


Gabriela Rodrigues, Doctoral Student, Adelphi University


Gabby Messner, Research Coordinator at Columbia Center for OCD and Related Disorders


Stephanie Martinez-Lopez

Lisa Gibson

Josephine Doucette

Ariana Wasret

Jenny Wang

Lauren Levine

Mary Katherine Brosnan

Fan (Serenity) Shen

Rachel Flora Fischman

Ikenna Franklin Okoro

Rachel Velasquez

Sameah Algharazi

Katherine Kraemer

Samuel Joseph Hutchinson

Magill Lamarre

Madeline Mariani

Aida Murati

Hafsa Zahran

Tori-Ann Williams

Danruo (Amber) Zhong

Juan Pablo Rivera-Agosto

Defne Inhan

Greg Lum

Naay Idris

Ella Bartlett

Micaiah Mahan

Irene Koo

Heide Morris

Samantha Kirshon

Nicole Kim

Elena Lamprecht

Christine Berlane

Alyssa Marion Swearingen

Emaan Hassan

Brigid Connelly